Brian Day PhD CEng CSci MBCS CITP

photo of committee member

BCS Branch Role Branch Secretary
Employment Consultant, Tessella Support Services


Brian is a Consultant with Tessella Support Services, which specialises in the application of innovative software solutions to scientific, technical and engineering problems. He is currently responsible for support and development of their Internal Systems.

Brian has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years, which has encompassed a spectrum of roles ranging from FORTRAN Programming, through Capacity and Performance Analysis, Computer Services / Systems Management, and operational responsibility for a large Supercomputer Centre. In that time the operating environments have ranged from mainframe MVS, through Unix on workstations to supercomputers, and to Windows, NetWare and Linux. More recently he has acted as a solutions architect, where his interests have included infrastructure, data storage management, a number of Internet related technologies.

He holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry, and during his scientific career, worked on the experimental investigation and computation of molecular properties, before being subverted(?) by IT.

BCS Background

Brian became a member of BCS in 1981. He has been an active member of the Oxfordshire Branch Committee since 2002, when he took on the role of CPD Representative, before becoming Secretary in 2003.