BCS Prize 2011–Best Results by a First Year Student

On 18 October, 2011, Sheila Lloyd Lyons of the Oxfordshire Branch of BCS had the great pleasure of presenting Joshua Kilburn with the award of Best Results by a First Year Student. The presentation of the award was done at Oxford Brookes with Nigel Crook, Head of the Department of Computing and Communications Technologies, in attendance.

From left to right: Sheila Lloyd Lyons, Joshua Kilburn, Nigel Crook

"Receiving this prize from the BCS was a great honour and something that was totally unexpected.  During my first year I was determined to do as well as I could and with the high standards of teaching at Oxford Brookes I was able to achieve the grades I did."

— Joshua Kilburn

After the presentation Nigel hosted Sheila and Joshua to a gorgeous lunch at the Brookes University restaurant. The restaurant, run by the students, is open to the public. Sheila found the menu to be imaginative and the food absolutely delicious.