BCS Oxfordshire Branch May 2007

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May 2007

Dear branch member,

We wind up our 2006/7 programme with an excellent speaker at our AGM meeting next week, and we hope to see you there.

In this issue: web competition update, call for new committee members and for suggestions for our meeting programme, and the new online BCS email management.

next Thursday 24 May 2007. Branch meeting: Challenges of delivering congestion charging and road pricing systems

We are delighted to have Derek Turner CBE, National Traffic Operations Director at the Highways Agency, as the keynote speaker at our AGM.

Derek, who was Transport for London's Managing Director of Street Management and the chief architect of the Congestion Charge, is a highly sought-after speaker on the technical challenges and lessons learned in delivering a large and complex IT project on time, and the political challenges of getting road users to accept charging schemes.

This event is being organised in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute. Wine and cheese served before the meeting from 7:00pm.


special Can you help? New committee members wanted

We always welcome new faces onto the branch committee. Most of the work is done by email with occasional face-to-face meetings and social events. Activity usually peaks in the early summer when we are putting together the meeting programme for the coming year. It's not onerous and we have some fun. If you'd like to help, or just find out more, use our contact form.


news Schools Web CompetitionWeb Competition prizes

A record number of teams entered this year's competition. We continue to be delighted by the quality and variety of the sites submitted.
The winners will be announced at the prizegiving at Shrivenham on 20 June, and on this website immediately after that.


events Thursday 26 April 2007. Branch meeting: Ruby on Rails

Our April meeting was about Ruby on Rails, which was top of Computerworld's March list of Five Technologies You Need to Know about in 2007. Feedback from previous years had indicated that technical sessions are appreciated by many members, and Jonathan Conway certainly threw us in at the deep end.

Those of you who would have liked a gentler introduction to Ruby on Rails may find these screencasts helpful.


new BCS email management online

BCS members can now manage all their BCS email subscriptions online by logging on at https://wam.bcs.org/wam/lsm.aspx.


extra Branch meeting programme for 2007-8

We've already confirmed two sessions for our 2007-8 meeting programme and would welcome suggestions for more topics.

Any ideas? If you have any requests or, better still, would like to volunteer a talk, do let us know by replying to this email or by adding a comment to the branch wiki programme page, where you can also see suggestions received so far.


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Coming Events etc

17 May: Oxford Web Group seminar: "Future proofing your website" & "Getting the most out of your website visitors"

24 May: BCS Oxfordshire: Challenges of delivering congestion and road user charging systems

10 June: Screen Magic: BCS sponsored lecture at the Cheltenham Science Festival

23 June: BCS Kingston & Croydon: The Past, Present and Future of Computing

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We'd love to hear your comments, views and opinions on this newsletter and on the branch programme. Please use the feedback form on the branch website.

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