Thursday 22 February 2007: Towards secure distributed healthcare research and delivery

Towards secure distributed healthcare research and delivery

Andrew Simpson

Our speaker was Andrew Simpson from the Oxford University Computer Lab, who introduced the Software Engineering Programme, a joint project between the OUCL and Department for Continuing Education.

The Software Engineering Programme is a part-time , post-experience programme of education: it teaches software engineering to people already in full-time employment. Large-scale, multidisciplinary, projects are undertaken in collaboration with other universities (Cambridge, Edinburgh, Loughborough, UCL, KCL, Birmingham, Belfast, Auckland, Graz, Tulane) and commercial partners such as IBM, Microsoft, Siemens Molecular Imaging, T+Medical.

After touching briefly on earlier projects such as e-DiaMoND and, Andrew described the DTI-funded GIMI (Generic Infrastructure for Medical Informatics) project; the motivation behind it and the safeguards required for legal and ethical reasons.


Andrew’s slides are PDFhere (1.2MB) and also linked from our downloads page.