Update on Parking and Access

Parking sign

In our survey, several of you said you were worried about coming to meetings because of the problems of parking in Oxford.

Although Oxford can be very difficult in daytime, until recently in the evenings when we hold our meetings there were usually plenty of spaces in Keble Road. As at November 2006, the parking situation Keble Road in the evenings has got worse, possibly as a result of overflow from St Giles where evening parking is now free.

We now advise you to arrive in good time for the meetings to give yourself a better chance of finding a parking place in Keble Road, or to allow time park somewhere like Norham Gardens and walk back.

Warning: if Keble Road is full and you park round the corner in Blackhall Road, make sure you don’t park in one of the bays restricted to residents. These bays are patrolled in the evenings and one of our committee was ticketed recently.