Project Management Localgovcamp Event in Cheltenham

John Hyde, a fellow BCS member and project manager at Cheltenham Borough Council, is running a project management localgovcamp event in Cheltenham at the George hotel ( on Saturday 26th September.

It runs from 10am to 5pm with lunch and free wifi access provided. It’s an informal gathering of people interested in improving the way we approach project management. It’s going to run as an ‘unconference’ – so there is no fixed agenda, the delegates decide this for themselves on arrival. Delegates will however arrive with a few powerpoints up their sleeves, and will get the chance to present to small interested subgroups, who will listen and respond with their own views and experiences.

We’re running the event on an entirely voluntary not for profit basis, and the event is free to delegates (costs have been covered by 3 sponsors).

It’s primarily aimed at public sector employees although we will probably accept private sector project managers to make the numbers up – would be great to get their perspective anyway.

For more information please visit