[Event Summary] Neil Watson: Energy in the home: are we using more than we need?

Neil Watson, Technical Manager, Digital Living Ltd.


Slides available for download in our download section.

The first talk of our program this year was on a very topical subject; the use of energy and how technology can help us use less.

In a far-reaching talk Neil took us through his view of the size of the problem, what potential directions we should be taking to solve some of the major issues and government initiatives.

He then moved on to his particular specialism aimed at producing the smart energy home. The smart energy home is capable of automatically monitoring and controlling our use of energy with the aim of reducing overall consumption.
Neil had a number of examples of the technology currently available and gave an absorbing description of the implementation behind them. In particular he gave a detailed description of the network issues involved in transmitting the data on energy use from one location to another. He then moved on to future visions as to how the technology is being developed and the overall solutions moved forward.