Berkshire Branch : Past, Present and Future of the IBM Mainframe


The Past, Present and Future of the IBM Mainframe – 15th June, Starting at 7:30pm
Room 1.06, Palmer Building, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading, Shinfield Road, RG6 6UR

On April 7th 1964 IBM announced the first of its System 360 mainframe computers, now some 46 years later systems based around the same concepts, the z10 Mainframes, are being delivered to new customers. In 2010 the family will be further extended when the next generation of these systems will be announced. 

Andrew Gadsby, Enterprise Solution Specialist at IBM will provide a brief history of the IBM Mainframe and cover the hardware architecture of the current mainframe systems, explain how they compare with Windows and UNIX(tm) systems, and describe how the mainframe is being used by customers today. The future evolution of the mainframe will also be presented showing how the mainframe vision has been extended to cater for the needs of IT departments in 2010 and beyond. Finally, we will illustrate using real customer examples some of  the business benefits that accrue from exploiting the mainframe as a key tool in IT strategy.