Digital Britain


Adrian Wooster, Broadband Strategist

Thursday 11th November 2010 – 7:30pm

Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford, OX1 3QG


aw-hs-bw-webThe new Government’s approach and ambition for a Digital Britain is now radically different from Lord Carter’s original vision. How do the desires for a "Big Society" and the best "superfast" broadband market in Europe by 2015 relate to Oxfordshire? This talk will explore national policy, the industry, and local maps to describe the new digital landscape.

About Adrian

Adrian has worked for about 20 years in the international telecommunications industry, and has been actively involved in the community-based broadband initiatives since returning to the UK five years ago.

Previously, he has been the Global Communications Architect for large Silicon Valley corporations, and product strategist for a major international competitive telecommunications operator. Past projects have ranged from design and delivery of high-availability networks for critical application service providers and early fibre-optic campus networks for silicon chip design and fabrication, to the national broadband strategy for a competitive operator. His work on policy-based smart-edge networks gained international recognition.

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