[Event Summary] Digital Britain

Adrian Wooster presented a very compelling presentation on the present and future expectation of a Digital Britain. This covered the plans for next generation broadband in general, and Oxfordshire in particular; sewing the market together as organisations other than BT start to deploy networks; and the capabilities of next generation broadband and the new opportunities that follow.

Adrian graphically showed that despite the apparent large scale coverage of Broadband, it is actually quite granular, and concentrated in  clusters. In particular only 17% of Oxfordshire gets a Broadband service of greater than 2Mbs!

Currently the big 6 ISPs have >90% of the market; however a number of newer players ate entering the market, offering different types of service. In the future it is likely that many new services, such as Content Delivery, New Media, Public Services and Games could be provided in parallel to traditional ISP services. To facilitate this the Joint Open Network Exchange has been formed to try to broker the services of various network providers.

Below is a video presentation of the slides that Adrian presented.

Digital Britain by Adrian Wooster