[Event Summary] Testing Agile Projects


17th February 2011 – Testing Agile Projects – Dr Stuart Reid, CTO, Testing Solutions Group

Our February talk was held in the impressive setting of Sophos’s UK Headquarters based in Abingdon. Sophos laid on a superb spread of sandwiches, delicious cakes and biscuits, tea and coffee to begin the evening in the Atrium of their main building.

For this talk, we had one of our largest audiences for the year with 93 people turning up to hear Dr Stuart Reid present on the advantages and disadvantages of Agile methods and particular techniques that he had used in testing Agile projects.

He introduced the Agile manifesto and principles and focused particularly on how you integrate test engineers into Agile development teams for a successful outcome. He highlighted a number of independent resources which had researched the statistical success of Agile projects, reasons why these projects fail or succeed and, in particular, how much more popular Agile now is as a methodology.


As Stuart’s talk gained momentum, he went on to look at the different process options that could be used to make Agile scalable in a real world context such that very large projects could be addressed.

Following the talk, enthusiastic debate on the subject continued late into the evening in the Spam and Lettuce bar.

The slides from Stuart’s talk are available from the downloads area of our Web Site.