A spectacular evening at Science Oxford Live


Thursday, 26 May 2011 8:00pm – £5 per person or £16 per group (up to 5)

PechaKucha is a presentation format where you show 20 slides, each for only 20 seconds. The slides change automatically so the presenter has to keep up with the fast paced slide show.

In Science Oxford Lives latest PechaKucha Night we have lined up some great presenters to talk about their area of expertise:

  • Adam Onishi – Formula One: The science of going fast…
  • Mark Pajak – Flowers of deception: pollination strategies of revolting plants
  • Alan Rhodes – Ardvark’s Scientific Expedition
  • Professor David Pyle – The problems with snow-clad volcanoes
  • Clara Ferreira – Learning and Memory in the Fruit Fly
  • Wes West – Cognitive Bias
  • Ben Mumby Croft – In praise of failure: why failure is the new secret of success 
  • More speakers to be announced shortly…

The power of PechaKucha comes from the passion in the presenter. People can literally talk about anything from their professional work to their hobbies and interests. As a result of this you always find a wonderful mix of professionals and amateurs that share one common quality – an enthusiasm for their subject.

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