IT training and professional development–A Debate


Thursday, 19 May 2011 – IT training and professional development @ 7 for 7.30pm

Venue: Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG

In these financially constrained times, the pressure to reduce the spend on IT training has never been greater but the skills required by professionals in the IT industry continue to develop. Employers want to employ IT professionals with appropriate qualifications and up-to-date skills. How can we – as both IT professionals and employers – get the best value from IT training and development?

To help us to explore this subject, we have two main speakers who will explain what their organisations are doing to address this. We will then identify some of the issues and open up the discussion to the audience.

The first main speaker will be Dr Bob Champion from Oxford Brookes University. He is the Course Director for the Information Technology Management for Business BSc, sponsored by eSkills UK, which has a lot of employer participation. He also manages the placement scheme for the Department of Computing & Communications Technologies. He has developed expertise in Quality Assurance in the HE sector through programme validations and reviews across Schools at Oxford Brookes, as well as other UK and overseas universities. Bob will explain how a University like Oxford Brookes designs courses, keeps them up to date with changes in the IT industry and measures effectiveness. He is currently involved in the university’s plans for developing closer ties with industry through Workforce Development initiatives. He is married with 3 children, including a daughter who will be among the first cohort of students to pay £9000 a year for a university education.

The second main speaker will be Andy Doyle from BCS Headquarters. Andy and his team run over 450 direct corporate relationships at the BCS including the UK channel for its range of internationally recognised vocational certifications in IT. The Institute is working with organisations to drive through business change by helping organisations define organisational design by understanding what skills and competencies are needed to support the business. They are then able to implement change and understand true gaps which can be addressed by sound professional development using industry best practice. Andy has worked at the BCS for over seven years and has over 15 years experience IT and technology business development and relationship management.  He is married with one 6 year old daughter and hence a reluctant Disney Channel viewer.

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Event Information
The event is free and both members and non-members are very welcome. Reservations are not required.

Tea, coffee and sandwiches will be served from 7:00pm. The lecture starts at 7:30pm.