The Dependability of Complex Socio-Technical Infrastructure

Monday 6th June 2011, at 5pm

Oxford e-Research Centre Access Grid Room

Prof. Ross Anderson


Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, would like to invite the BCS Oxfordshire members to a forthcoming event at Oxford University that we thought they would find interesting. Prof Ross Anderson from Cambridge University, one of the world’s leading computer security experts, will be talking about ‘The Dependability of Complex Socio-Technical Infrastructure’. The seminar is taking place from 5-6pm on 6 June.

Abstract We have all become dependent on large complex systems such as the Internet, smart grids and the bank payment system. Keeping these systems dependable in the face of accidents, errors and malice is one of the most important, and interesting, challenges facing engineers today. It brings not only technical problems of the highest order, but also some intricate economics; how do we persuade firms to invest in spare capacity that will mostly help their competitors offer better service? I’ll discuss such problems in two contexts: frauds against payment networks, and the resilience of the Internet. The talk will draw on a recent major study we did for ENISA of the resilience of the Internet interconnect.

Ross Anderson is professor of security engineering at Cambridge University, and author of the bestselling textbook "Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems". He was a pioneer of peer-to-peer systems, of hardware tamper-resistance, and of the economics of information security.

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