BCS Oxfordshire Branch–AGM Report 2009/2010

Venue: e-Research Centre, Oxford University, Keble Road
Date: 14 October 2010
Time: 19:40

Apologies for Absence
Gerry Rohling, Athar Majed, Chris Dawe

Minutes of Last Year’s AGM
The notes of last years meeting had been published on the Branch web site. No comments had been received, and there were no comments at the AGM. The minutes were therefore accepted as a true record of the event.

Chairman’s Report
The Chairman (Tim Lambertstock) welcomed the members to this year’s AGM, and noted that a summary of the Branch’s activities for the year was in the Chairman’s report published on the Branch web site.

We had had good attendance at last year’s events, and we hoped that we would better these this year as we had a strong programme.

In response to feedback from members, we had introduced sandwiches at our meetings starting at the beginning of this year. This initiative had been well received as many people came straight from work. The additional cost of this is offset by the fact that we have done a very limited paper mailing this year. As usual our programme is available on the web site and we will be sending around reminder e-mails.

As always, we would like to hear from our members, so the Chairman asked people to contact the committee either via the web site or directly if they had any ideas for improving Branch activities. We are hoping to introduce new ways of soliciting input from the Branch, and options are currently under review.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer (Tony Cox) summarised the Treasurer’s Report. He noted that these were provisional figures as the accounts had yet to be audited.

Stationary and Postage will reduce next year as we are no longer doing a physical mailing.

The Branch allocation has been frozen at a similar amount to last year.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted without comment.

The Chairman thanked Tony for doing such a good job as treasurer, and making sure that we worked within our budget. He noted that many Branches under spend quite significantly which makes overall budgeting for the BCS difficult. However we are always realistic in our budgets and endeavour to come in on target.

Election of Committee
The Secretary (Brian Day) noted that all but one of the existing committee had volunteered to continue. The continuing committee is shown below.

Committee Member Nominator Seconder
Sheila Lloyd Lyons Tim Lambertstock Brian Day
Brian Read Geoff Stone Simon Marsh
Brian Day Geoff Stone Tim Lambertstock
Tim Lambertstock Sheila Lloyd Lyons Brian Day
Tony Cox Simon Marsh Brian Read
Simon Marsh Brian Day Sheila Lloyd Lyons
Geoff Stone Brian Read Sheila Lloyd Lyons
Sverker Griph Sheila Lloyd Lyons Brian Read
Gerry Rohling Tim Lambertstock Sheila Lloyd Lyons


In addition we had two new volunteers to join the committee:

Committee Member Nominator Seconder
Athar Majed Tim Lambertstock Sheila Lloyd Lyons
Chris Dawe Sheila Lloyd Lyons Tim Lambertstock

There being no other nominations, or objections the committee was constituted as above.

The election of Officers and allocation of Committee responsibilities will be ratified at the first meeting of the new committee.

The Chairman thanked all the committee for their hard work during the last year.

There being no further business, the AGM was closed at 19:50.

After this, Graham Cluley, Sophos, gave an extremely interesting session on “Web 2 Woe: Cybercrime on Social Networks”. This generated considerable discussion, and was very well received.

Brian Day, BSc PhD CEng CSci MBCS CITP
Branch Secretary
Oxfordshire Branch