[Event Summary] Visit to the Museum of Computing, Swindon


We had a very successful visit to the Museum of Computing in Swindon, with 24 attendees, and everyone had a very enjoyable time.

Jeremy Holt, the chairman, gave us some history of the Museum: t was the first physical Museum of its kind in the UK dedicated to the history of computing. This was followed by Simon Webb (the curator) giving us a tour of the current exhibits. The exhibits are changed regularly either using items from its vast store room, or provided by individual collectors.

The exhibits we saw included:

  • The evolution of calculators from log tables to electronic calculators, through mechanical devices and slide rules,
  • the development of the “home” computer from 1970 onwards,
  • the development of the PC, and Apple Mac systems

Many of these were accessible to “hands on” usage. Do you remember typing Basic programs into a BBC Micro Model B machine?

Their most recent specialist exhibition related to gaming, and showed the evolution of “games machines” over the last 35 years, and again there was the opportunity to play many of these.

The Museum also runs a Saturday Club for children, which is actively supported, and they have a significant waiting list.

I would encourage everyone who could not make it with us to visit on their own. The Museum is open Fridays and Saturdays. Further information can be found at their web site: http://www.museumofcomputing.org.uk/