Talent Pool: take the plunge back into work – 28 February

Oxfordshire parents returning to work and other people wanting to explore flexible working are being offered the chance to network with prospective employers at Talent Pool, a one off event organised by Oxfam’s IT department with support from BCS.

Three inspirational speakers, including Oxfam’s CIO, will start the event, explaining the motivations behind Talent Pool and a reminder of the value a flexible workforce brings to any workplace. Participants can then network with the organisations in the ‘market place’ and access specialist information such as how best to use LinkedIn.

Organisations taking part in the event, which will take place at Oxfam House in Cowley, include BCS, global technology and consulting company IBM, Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfam.

The free event takes place on 28 February between 9.15 and 11am. An accredited free crèche is also available.

People interested in attending, whether in a participant or business capacity, can email Sally Otter at talentpool@oxfam.org.uk