SECURITY and INNOVATION – an oxymoron?

Neil Passingham, Technical Solution Director (Innovation & Cloud Security), Hewlett-Packard Are these two terms contradictory or is there room for innovation in a security-sensitive environment? In a world of major step-changes in technology, criminal activity, capability, motivation etc, should security practices change? Is there a resistance to change inherent within security management circles? Are we… Read more »

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting of the Oxfordshire Branch of the BCS to be held on Thursday, 11 October at 7.30pm at the Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG  AGENDA Welcome & Introductions Apologies for Absence Minutes of previous AGM on 13 October 2011 (attached) Matters arising from the minutes Chair’s Report… Read more »

Knowledge Management to recession-proof your ICT

Dr Alison Corfield Thursday 11th October 2012 – 7:30pm Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford, OX1 3QG Abstract: Knowledge management is the fad that won’t go away.  Many CEO’s are still not sure what it is and how it can work for them but they want to get the benefits from KM.  You have… Read more »

Sense: a new way to learn programming

Mike Richards, Open University Thursday 14th June 2012 – 7:30pm Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford, OX1 3QG   This future was conceived by Mark Weiser, chief scientist at Xerox PARC – where the PC was invented. In 1991, writing in Scientific American, he described a future where computers and data had merged seamlessly… Read more »

[Event Summary] Timing is Everything

  17 May 2012 – Prof. Joel Ouaknine, University of Oxford Professor Ouaknine gave an extremely enjoyable talk on Automated Verification, and the theoretical underpinning of the subject. Although a highly technical area, the presentation covered a potentially difficult subject in a way which was accessible to non-specialists, and was appreciated by the large audience.… Read more »