openMIC #9 The Mobile Innovation Camp

openMIC’s next un-conference event for discussion, debate and the development of new mobile applications & mobile web services is on Thursday 2nd December in Oxford. Register Here 9th in a series of un-conference for discussion, debate and development new mobile applications and mobile web services. A DCKTN event. openMIC’s un-conference event for discussion, debate and… Read more »

[Event Summary] Digital Britain

Adrian Wooster presented a very compelling presentation on the present and future expectation of a Digital Britain. This covered the plans for next generation broadband in general, and Oxfordshire in particular; sewing the market together as organisations other than BT start to deploy networks; and the capabilities of next generation broadband and the new opportunities… Read more »

[Event Summary] Search and Social Media

Simon Wallace-Jones of Oxford Digital Marketing presented an insightful look into the ways Search Engine Optimization work with Social Media. As these two worlds converge we are finding the opportunities for companies to combine SEO and Social Media (particularly when this is driven by a keyword strategy) are providing excellent returns on investment of time… Read more »

Testing Agile Projects

Dr Stuart Reid, CTO, Testing Solutions Group Venue: Sophos plc, Abingdon OX14 3YP Agile is quickly becoming the most popular approach to software development, but it is implemented in a wide variety of ways and many ‘agile’ projects forget to include testers in the agile team. This talk considers the variety of options used to… Read more »

The Changing Face of Payments

Tim Lambertstock, Payments Consultant As technology develops, the demise of cash has long been predicted. Cheques are due to go in the UK in 2018 but what will replace them? This talk will discuss developments in payments including mobile, online and point-of-sale. It will also describe experience elsewhere in the world.