Date(s) - 19 Apr 2018
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Oxford e-Research Centre

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Dr Tim Massingham, Oxford Nanopore Technologies

The MinION is a pocket-sized device capable of sequencing the entire human genome by pulling strands of DNA through a nano-scale hole (pore). As well as the traditional applications of genome the real-time nature of the platform opens up new roles like the diagnosis of antibiotic resistance in infections.

The raw signal for the platform is a series of blockades of the flowing through the pore and this must be interpreted to underlying sequence of the DNA strand. I will described how the processing for the platform evolved and how the use of approaches, recurrent neural networks in particular, led to a improvements in accuracy of the DNA reads produced.

About the Speaker

Dr Tim Massingham is the Principal Scientist in charge of algorithms’ research at Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

Before joining Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Tim spend 10 years working in the field of computational biology at the European Bioinformatics Institute studying methods to reconstruct evolutionary trees from genetic data and the properties of different DNA sequencing platforms (ask me what about the connection between error-correcting codes and DNA sequencing).


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