Sciences in Oxford’s History – An Afternoon Guided Walking Tour

Walking Tour A fascinating tour to hear of the transformation of the study of sciences at Oxford. By the 14th century, Oxford was famous for the work of Bacon and Grosseteste, for developments in mathematics and astronomy. The 17th century saw Boyle, Hooke and Halley make their respective discoveries. Hear about the impact of medical… Read more »

Visit to CCFE & JET

Venue: Culham Center for Fusion Energy, Culham Science Centre OX14 3DB JET – The world’s largest nuclear fusion research facility. Guided tour of JET organised by the CCFE Public Relations Team including a visit to the JET Torus Hall and the Remote Handling control room (both subject to the operational conditions at the time). Followed… Read more »

Testing Software Quality

Julian Harty, Google Venue: Sophos plc, Abingdon OX14 3YP Typically we focus on testing ‘functionality’. However, in practice users are at least as interested in the non‐functional aspects of software. Even if they can’t explain exactly what they’re looking for, they can tell you what they don’t like, especially when your software fails to work… Read more »

An introduction to Geospatial systems

Paul Stanton, Associate Director at Jacobs Consultancy Paul will explain geospatial systems, their key defining features and how they can integrate with other key information systems in the enterprise. Paul will also discuss examples of applications, including those from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, and the privacy issues they provoke, as well as future developments in… Read more »

Is IT a Profession?

A debate with Adam Thilthorpe, BCS Director for Professionalism IT often assumes the role of a servant but IT doesn’t just support business, it powers business. Adam poses the question “Has the IT profession come of age and is it seen as equivalent to the other professions represented in Boardrooms?” Points for debate include: Many… Read more »