Thursday 23 March – Science Museum

Branch Visit At the morning session, our Blue Badge Guide, Geoff Marshall, put the history of computing into the context of the history of science and technology. He made it very real for us by telling us something about the personalities involved. The fundamental science of Newton led to a primitive but useful steam pump… Read more »

Thursday 23 February: Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence Nigel Shadbolt seen here during his lively and very well accepted lecture on Web Intelligence. Nigel started by reminding us of the continuing exponential growth in processing power (Moore’s law has held for four decades), and the facts that the web now has of the order of 108 users and 1010 pages of… Read more »

Thursday 19 January: VoIP and IP Telephony

VoIP and IP Telephony Peter Gradwell opened his talk with an introduction to the concept of IT telephony, briefly describing the best known players in the consumer market, including Skype, Vonage, freetalk from Dixons, Wanadoo, BT Communicator, and, announced that very morning, the launch of a new service from Tesco. He described the hardware options:… Read more »