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We will post material from meetings here whenever we can.
Presentations are reproduced here with the kind permission of the presenters, who retain the copyright to their material.
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Knowledge Management to recession-proof your ICT

Slides:PDF KnowledgeManagement2012.pptx (197KB)

Timing is Everything

Slides:PDF TimingIsEverything2012.pdf (3.1 MB)

Cryptography: From Black Art to Popular Science

Slides:PDF Cryptography_Oxford_2011.pdf (978KB)

Testing Agile Projects

Slides:PDF Agile_Oxford.pdf (1.2MB)

The Changing Face of Payments

Slides: PDFThe_changing_face_of_payments-Jan2011-slides.pdf (310KB)

Search and Social Media for Business

Slides: PDF ODM-BCS-SEO-and-Social-Media.pdf (4.84MB)

Energy in the home: are we using more than we need?

Slides: PDF Energy_in_the_home 17-09-09.pdf (1.52MB)

Agile Project Management

Slides: PDF Prince of Scrum.pdf (476KB)

Visit to Sophos Anti-Virus Lab

A4 Meeting PosterPDFSophosPoster2009-04.pdf (320KB)
Print Quality PosterPDFSophosPoster2009-04HQ.pdf (1.4MB)

Conferencing & Smarter Working

Slides: PDFDigitalMeetingOxfordshireBCS.pdf (1.3MB)

Real World RDF

Slides: PDFGarlik-OxBCS.pdf (2MB)

How to solve IT problems in 97% less time

Meeting poster: PDFBCSOxfordshireJan2009poster.pdf (200KB)
Slides: PDFRPR-BCSOxfordshire.pdf (2.1MB)

The Spy in the Coffee Machine: Christmas Lecture 2008

Meeting poster: PDFBCS_Oxfordshire_2008_XmasPoster.pdf (272KB)

Amazon Web Services

PDFAWS_2008_Cloud_Computing_Oxford.pdf (1.1MB)

How Green is IT?

PDFBCS-DCSG 20070927.pdf (328KB)

Ruby on Rails

PDFRubyonRails.pdf (1.0MB)

Towards secure distributed healthcare research and delivery

PDFbcsandrewsimpson2007-02-22.pdf (1.2MB)

The Machine That Enjoys Christmas: Whither Machine Consciousness?

PDFIgorAleksanderOxfordBCS.pdf (2.4MB)

Extending existing applications for secure mobile use – how tough can that be?

PowerPointWirelessEnablingApplicationsSecurely-BCS.pdf (716KB)

Climate Prediction

PDF BCS-ClimatePrediction.pdf (1.3MB)

Digital Preservation

PDF BCS-DigitalPreservation.pdf (614KB)

The Semantic Web: too clever for its own good?

PDF BCS_Sem_Web_May_2006.pdf (1.3MB) By Dan Zambonini.

Web Intelligence

PDF WebIntell4BCSOxford.pdf (4.9MB) By Nigel Shadbolt.

VoIP and Internet Telephony

PDF gradwell-voip-seminar-bcs-oxford.pdf (1106KB) By Peter Gradwell.

2005 Christmas Lecture

PowerPoint You Can’t Get There From Here…How computability affects the issues of computer evidence (45KB)
PDFYouCantGetThereFromHere.pdf (34KB) By Professor Neil Barrett.

State Transition Testing

PDF state_transition_testing_handout.pdf (334KB)
PDFstate_transition_testing_workbook.pdf (455KB) By Peter Quention from QBIT.


PDF SmartSourcing.pdf (538KB) By Robb Mann from QVIP.

Legal Protection of Software and Databases

PDF Legal_Protection_of_Software_and_Databases.pdf (132KB) updated since the event to correct typos
PDF Criminal_Prosecution.pdf (45KB) – response to a question about criminal prosecutions in cases of copyright infringement
By Jennifer Pierce from Charles Russell.

Auto Id: A Sixth Sense for Big Brother?

Adobe PDF BCS_Oxford_RFID.pdf (604KB)

The Past, Present and Future of Academic Networking

Adobe PDF BCSJan20054-TK-RADv3.pdf (2MB)
because of its size, we have not posted the Powerpoint source file.

Predicting the Future with the Grid

PowerPoint ClimateModelling.ppt (1.3MB)
PowerPoint PredictingtheFuturewiththeGrid.pdf(680KB)

Computer Forensics and the Role of the Expert Witness

PowerPoint ItsaComputerMLud.ppt (202KB)

British Library Web Archiving project (February 2004)

PowerPoint JTuck Web Archiving in the British Library.ppt (203KB)
PowerPoint 2004 02 19 BCS web archiving.ppt (184KB)

Quantum Computing (November 2003)

Adobe PDF BCS_QC_Nov_2003.pdf (1.4MB)

Wimbledon IT infrastructure (October 2003)

Adobe PDF ITA-Wimbledon-2003a.pdf (2.5MB)

Using open source tools (October 2002)

Powerpoint File 1002-dmos.ppt (280Kb)

RNIB Presentation (January 2002)

Zip File (1.1 Mb)

Sit up and Lean Forward (October 2001)

Adobe PDF 111001-leanforward.pdf (1 Mb)