Oxford Brookes Student Prizes 2012

From left to right: Mr Frampton, Peter Marshall, Undergraduate Programme Lead for the under-graduate programmes of the Department of Computing and Communication Technologies, Paul Oliver, Sheila Lloyd Lyons, Ian Peter Frampton, Nigel Crook, Head of Department, Department of Computing and Communication Technologies, and Mrs Frampton. Each year the British Computer Society recognises the efforts of… Read more »

Sense: a new way to learn programming

Mike Richards, Open University Thursday 14th June 2012 – 7:30pm Oxford e-Research Centre, 6 Keble Road, Oxford, OX1 3QG   This future was conceived by Mark Weiser, chief scientist at Xerox PARC – where the PC was invented. In 1991, writing in Scientific American, he described a future where computers and data had merged seamlessly… Read more »

[Event Summary] Timing is Everything

  17 May 2012 – Prof. Joel Ouaknine, University of Oxford Professor Ouaknine gave an extremely enjoyable talk on Automated Verification, and the theoretical underpinning of the subject. Although a highly technical area, the presentation covered a potentially difficult subject in a way which was accessible to non-specialists, and was appreciated by the large audience.… Read more »

Timing is everything

Professor Joël Ouaknine, University of Oxford Abstract: Our society is becoming increasingly reliant on computer systems; think of mobile phones, SatNav, the Internet, and so on. A modern car typically harbours tens to hundreds of microprocessors, themselves running several tens of million lines of code, controlling such critical components as fuel injection, airbags, and anti-lock… Read more »