Thursday 26 Oct: Climate Change and Digital Preservation

This meeting was held jointly with the BCS Chester and North Wales Branch over a video link between two CCLRC labs: the Rutherford and Appleton lab near Chilton in Oxfordshire and the Daresbury lab in Cheshire. Joint meeting Dr. Brian Day, secretary of BCS Oxfordshire branch, introduced the evening to branch members and guests at… Read more »

Thursday 21 Sept: The disappearance of cash – advances in payment technology

The disappearance of cash – advances in payment technology Our speaker was Tim Lambertstock, Technology Strategy Manager at Voca. Voca runs the BACS payment service handling 5 billion payments totalling €4.5 trillion per annum with some 80 million transactions on a peak day. Voca has recently completed the complete renewal of its technology and was… Read more »

Chair’s Letter 2006

Dear Member BCS Oxfordshire Branch – Chair’s Letter 2006/7 We, that is your Branch Committee, have thoroughly enjoyed running this year’s programme and, from the consistent number of familiar faces and good attendance at our meetings, I believe you – our members – have too. We organised a varied programme with such diverse topics as:… Read more »